St Kilda East & Caulfield Chess Club

In 2022 St kilda Chess Club runs the following activities

Mondays Social Club during school term Please visit for dates

Tuesdays online tournaments on chess.comPlease visit for dates

Tuesdays online junior coaching. Please visit for dates

Thursdays ACF rated tournaments Please visit for dates

While Victoria is in lockdown we have to stop face to face activities starting on Thursday 15 July. We will let you know as soon as we are back. However our online coaching and online tournament are taking place NOW!

St Kilda Chess Club online tournaments:

Why join our tournaments:

9 tournaments in Term 4, 2021

Dates: 5 October, 12 October, 19 October, 26 October, 9 November, 16 November, 23 November, 30 November, 7 December

Free membership

Free entry

The GP scores are on the basis of the best 5 tournaments

Cash Prizes in Grand Prix

Please fill in the form on your right if you are interested

In 2020 St Kilda Chess Club has continued to provide the general public the best opportunity there is in Australia to learn and play chess

The results and pairings for current ACF rated chess tournament could be found here Current Tournament or Chess Chat

Dates for Term 2, 2021 Mondays (social chess 7.30pm to 9.00pm and chess coaching 7.00pm to 7.30pm) - 8 sessions 19 April, 26 April, 3 May, 10 May, 24 May, 31 May, 7 June, 21 June

Tuesday (online tournaments 7.35pm to 9.10pm and online coaching 5.45pm to 6.15pm) - 8 sessions: 20 April, 27 April, 4 May, 11 May, 25 May, 1 June, 8 June, 22 June

Thursday (ACF rated chess tournament) - 7 Rounds: 6 May, 13 May, 20 May, 27 May, 3 June, 10 June, 17 June



Dates: 1 February, 8/02, 15/02, 22/02, 1/03, 15/03, 22/03

Face to Face chess coaching 7.00pm to 7.30 pm adults and children together, 6 players maximum, $140 fee for term 1 includes 5 minutes private coaching (to go through one's game) Optional homework is included via email.

7.30pm - 9.00pm Face to Face club/social games ($80 annual membership, include Thursday membership as well, $5 casual attendance for not members, term membership $20 is available as well)


Dates: 2 February, 9/02, 16/02, 23/02, 2/03, 16/03, 23/03

Online tournaments ( of the same format as in 2020 starting at 7.35pm Grand Prix points on the basis of 4 best results. No tournament or entry fee- $160 in cash prizes for Grand Prix

Online coaching 5.45pm to 6.15pm adults and children 6 players maximum. $140 Fee for term 1, Free club membership in term 1,5 minutes private coaching (to go through one's game) Optional homework is included via email


Dates: 4 February, 11/02, 18/02, 4/03, 11/03, 18/03, 25/03

7 Rounds Australian Chess Federation rated event. 24 players maximum $500 prize fund for the term 1 tournament with additional prize fund of $500 as the result of Grand Prix on a basis of 3 more tournaments (one 7 rounds tournament each school term in 2021 with Grand Prix points on the basis of 3 best results

Games will start at 7.30pm with time control to be confirmed but very likely to be an hour per game with 10 seconds per move increment. The time control will be confirmed when we get confirmation from the Australian Chess Federation regarding rating conditions

4 players with ACF rating 1800 or over will be invited with no membership or entry fees. Only 20 places are available for general public. Please contact me by Moonday 11 January 2021 to reserve your space. To play in the tournament you have to be a member of St Kilda Chess Club. The entry fee for the tournament is $40

Private online chess coaching is recommended, especially for juniors. This can be available at similar cost to group coaching if you wish. For more information please go to chess coaching Term 1, 2021; 7 tournaments 2 February, 9/02, 16/02, 23/02, 2/03, 16/03, 23/03 No membership or entry fee to all online tournaments. Cash prizes are awarded on the basis of the best 4 results out of 7 tournaments in term 1. Please join (can be free of charge) and email Participants are offered two free prinvate online sessions with Interantional Master Michael Gluzman

Term 1 online tournaments Grand Prix 7 tournaments. Prizes; 1st -$50, 2nd-$30, 3rd-$20, Best Junior -$20, Rating B - $20 Small Prizes but recognition is what counts! FINAL STANDING Letter after rating indicates rating group

First 10 placings only AFTER 7 Tournaments -FINAL STANDING. Two groups for cash prizes: Rated over 1400 - A group and rated under 1400 - B group

1 Squealingcave     $50     1861 A 1st     380

2 Andy009       $25     1758 A=2nd     370

3 SlowBro99      $25     1984 A=2nd     370

4 Flynn1234     $10     1543 A=1stJ     300

5 KUTTI3_0     $10     1537 A=1stJ     300

6 Theboidos         1451 A     210

7 Chessgame202         1816 A     210

8 EnchanteredAnteater         1485 A     200

9 blackpanther0302    $20     986 B1st     190

10 NewspaceB         1294 B     180